A feast of flavors

At Oregano Restaurant we offer you flavors of Greek traditional and Mediterranean cuisine with cooked and fresh grilled meats, as well as seafood and fresh fish.



Greek Traditional Cuisine

Greek traditional cuisine in combination with its modern developments, is one of our main axes.
The classic Greek salads with beetroot or eggplant, the spicy ointments, the snacks with seafood, the delicious
Feta recipes and traditional dishes such as stuffed, imam baldi, fava and giants give the aroma of greece to your dish.

Fresh and delicious salads

You can choose from our salads, which are all prepared with natural products from the Earth of our region and enjoy the freshness of lettuce, tomato, oregano and all the ingredients we use.

Grilled Meat

Grilled meats of the hour are one of our main assets. Let us treat you to a beef fillet, a juicy steak,
a well-cooked burger or a light chicken fillet. Whatever you choose will be carefully prepared, grilled
according to your wishes.

Fish Dishes

Let us pleasantly surprise you with the fresh fish that our fishermen will bring us for both.
At the same time you can try the amazing souvlaki with shrimp or a squid.


Our Italian cuisine with pasta offers you from the most classic options such as bolognese or carbonara to pasta with shrimp, mixed seafood or vegetables for our vegeterian customers.

Special Cooked Dishes of the Day

Every day there will be a range of cooked meals to choose from.
• Lamb shank with mashed potatoes
• Beef Stew
• Braised beef
• Cabbage stuffing
• Kleftiko
• Stuffed